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Inspired by Reagan

Early in her college years, Ronald Reagan inspired candidate Susan Wynn Bence to pursue leadership. Through the years, she has continued that pursuit.

Support for Law Enforcement

As a former member of the Iroquois County Safety Committee and as a bailiff, Susan works with and supports local law enforcement on a daily basis.

Hemp Legalization

Legislation to legalize growing hemp in the State of Illinois was written with the help of Susan Wynn Bence, bringing another agricultural opportunity to our rural communities.

Importance of Education

As a first-generation college student, teacher, and college administrator, Susan Wynn Bence understands the importance of education within our district.

Perry's Law

Senior citizen fraud struck very close to home for Susan Wynn Bence, and in response to this crime, she worked with then-senator Tom Bennett to develop legislation which became known as Perry's Law. Here's the behind-the-scenes story of Susan's involvement in this important Illinois legislation.

Humble Beginnings

Susan Wynn Bence's humble beginnings, strong ethics and political experience has given her the necessary leadership needed to serve the residents of the 53rd district.

Improving Rural Healthcare

Access to health care in rural Illinois can be a challenge. Care providers often are over an hour away, transportation can be an issue, and telemedicine can be a challenge when high speed internet is not available. We need to do more work to ensure rural residents of the 53rd District have access to health care.

Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Illinois

Susan Wynn Bence grew up learning the importance of her Second Amendment rights, and as a current FOID and Concealed Carry license holder, she is committed to fighting for your right to keep and bear arms in Illinois.

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